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All About FIRE Protection includes everything from pre-design analyses of water supplies and system feasibility to construction period services and the witnessing of final acceptance tests.

Our team is experienced and capable of performing site investigations, hydraulic calculations, waterflow testing, contractor performance monitoring (submittal reviews, RFI’s, etc.), system acceptance testing and analyses of existing systems. We are knowledgeable of all types of suppression systems, including wet-pipe, dry-pipe, deluge, preactive, and foam.

Our fire sprinkler system services include:

  • Water Supply Analysis
  • Sprinkler System  Retrofit Analyis
  • Fire Pump System Design and Analysis
  • Standpipe System Design and Testing
  • Budgetary Cost Estimates
  • Design Specification and Drawing Production
  • Bid Document Preparation and Bid Review
  • Construction Review and Monitoring
  • Final Test Review
  • System Failure Analysis
  • Micro-biologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Analysis