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See what All About FIRE Protection, Inc. can offer you.

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Fire Sprinklers

What you need to know about your Fire Sprinkler System.

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Our Construction Department can handle all types of Fire Sprinkler Installations.

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System Design

Our Systems are custom designed and engineered from the ground up for optimal performance and value.

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All About FIRE Protection

All About FIRE Protection, Inc. Is a full service fire protection contractor. It is our privilege to provide such services as: New construction, Retrofit, Residential, Industrial, and Commercial, Tenant Improvements, 24 Hour Service, Inspection, Testing and maintenance. You can put your trust into All About Fire Protection, Inc. considering we have over 100 years of combined experience in the fire protection industry between our 3 license holders.

Our Services

24 Hour Service

24-hour-50Unfortunately the need for service comes without previous notice, negatively impacting your business.  You can count on our experienced service technicians to respond quickly to your emergency any time: day or night, seven days a week, to attend to your fire sprinkler needs.  That way you can continue to run your business as soon as possible. There is someone always ready to answer the phone at 239-689-5766.


inspections-50With National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards as our foundation, the inspectors at All About FIRE Protection Inc. perform a thorough fire sprinkler inspection.  Our priority is to ensure the customer’s safety is not compromised.  Our Customer Centered Services include but not limited to:

  • Wet, dry, preaction and deluge sprinkler systems inspections
  • Backflow prevention device certification
  • Fire pump performance testing, diesel and electric
  • Fire pump replacement / rebuild
  • Standpipe and fire hydrants
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual and five year inspections
  • UL testing of standard, fast response and dry pendant sprinklers at their required intervals
  • Obstruction investigations, internal corrosion inspections
  • Expert witness investigations

We pride ourselves in our core values, one of which is to provide outstanding Customer Centered service, through promptness, organization, and experience.



 Required fire sprinkler inspections that All About FIRE Protection, Inc. provides in accordance with NFPA 25 standard for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance:

  • Monthly Inspections (AAFP can train building maintenance personnel to perform these inspections free of charge)
  • Quarterly Inspections (Must be performed by State licensed and Insured Fire Protection Contractor)
  • Annual Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (Must be performed by State licensed and Insured Fire Protection Contractor)
  • 5-Year Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (Must be performed by State licensed and Insured Fire Protection Contractor)
  • Fire Pump Inspections, Flow Testing and Maintenance
  • Backflow Certification


maintainence-50It’s important to ensure the lives inside your building will be safe.  A well maintained fire sprinkler system saves lives.  Our qualified NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) service technicians at All About FIRE Protection, Inc. are well qualified and honest when it comes to your specific sprinkler needs.


repair-50Over a certain amount of time period, even a well maintained fire sprinkler system needs repairs.  Sprinkler systems can withstand a number of harsh environmental elements, especially in southwest Florida.  After years and years of hurricanes and the sun’s detrimental rays, it can take a toll on the equipment that is making sure your life is safe.  All About FIRE Protection, Inc. has the ability and expertise to repair any deficiencies that may come along.


upgrades-50Per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)codes and standards, some parts of a fire sprinkler system needs to be up graded after a predetermined amount of time.  Fire sprinkler heads can last at least 20 to 50 years.  When that 20-50 year mark comes around, All About FIRE Protection, Inc. make the necessary upgrades to keep your property code compliant.                                     All About FIRE Protection, Inc. can upgrade remodeled spaces as well!


documentation-50In need of a past or present fire sprinkler inspection reports? Or state license, workmen’s comp, liability certificates?

No worries, one phone call or e-mail to All About FIRE Protection, Inc. and your documentation will be sent in PDF format via email, fax, or mail. Our staff is here to help the customer move forward in there daily activities and not worrying about paperwork.

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  • Both my company, and myself have been professionally involved with Mr. Fenno for the past 10 years within the fire sprinkler industry. I have, without fail, found him to be knowledegable in all facets of the fire sprinkler industry including but not limited to sales, fabrication, installation, service, layout, design, and management. Working with such an honest, straightforward and reliable professional in reaching successful outcomes has been a satisfaction to me.

    Gaylon R. Claiborne, Fire Protection Engineer, FP Engineering

  • I would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we at MDC Construction are with the work performed by All About Fire Protection, Inc. The single and best impression was the honesty and straight forward answers that Paul Fenno came up with, with regards to unforeseen circumstances and solutions. Paul gave me choices with Pros & Cons and kept me informed on timelines, costs, etc. I look forward to partnering with AAFP in the future! I would recommend All About Fire Protection and its staff to anyone who needs a professional fire protection contractor.

    Ken Hirschman, Project Coordinator, MDC Construction

  • I have worked on many projects with Paul Fenno over the past ten 10 years. The projects we work on together include both commercial and residential components. The complexity of work ranges from simple fire sprinkler head relocations to complex projects such as the New Ground up South West Florida International Airport terminal. It is my belief that he has a strong grasp of all facets of the fire sprinkler industry. I would recommend All About FIRE Protection Inc, and Paul Fenno, to any of my clients in South West Florida.

    Nathaniel J. Hatcher, Fire Protection Engineer, Hatcher Engineering, Inc.

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